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Delicias Station is the epicentre for the arrival and departure of tourists visiting Zaragoza. Whether by train or bus, Zaragoza’s main station receives every day a large number of passengers eager to visit the capital of Zaragoza.

Most of them, once they arrive in Zaragoza, have to travel to the city centre to get into their accommodation and start their stay in the city. However, sometimes the check-in time is later than the arrival time, or on the contrary, they have to leave the hotel or flat long before returning to the station, so they need a place to store their luggage in Zaragoza for a few hours.

It can also be the case of travellers who only come to spend the day in the city and go loaded with their luggage or backpacks, although Zaragoza is well worth a visit with several nights included!

Be that as it may, in this article we will explain in detail how to get from Delicias Station to the centre of Zaragoza (and vice versa), so you won’t have any problem getting to your final destination. Specifically, we are going to detail how to get to our smart lockers at Megalockers, located in the very centre, just a step (literally) away from Plaza del Pilar, the Ebro Bridges and the Tubo tapas area.

How to get from Delicias Station to Zaragoza city centre

Omitting the taxi option (which takes you directly, but is more expensive), and the option of walking (it takes more than 40 minutes and if you go with suitcases, you will end up exhausted), the best option is to opt for public transport, and here are the two best alternatives:

OPTION 1 (about 35 minutes in total)

РTake bus number 34 (at the Delicias Station exit) and stay on it for 11 stops, until you get off at Avda. César Augusto 27 (Central Market).

Walk 600 metres north along Av. de César Augusto towards Calle de Palomeque, then turn slightly right to continue along Av. de César Augusto and finally turn right towards C. de la Manifestación 24.(Although once you get off the bus, Google Maps will be your best ally for the short walk to your destination).

You will have arrived at Megalockers to leave your luggage safely.

OPTION 2 (about 37 minutes in total)

РTake bus line C1 (circular 1), also at the exit of Delicias Station, and stay on it for 10 stops, until you get off at Gómez de Avellaneda 47.

– Walk for 1 minute to the Clara Campoamor tram stop.

– Get on the tram (direction Valdespartera) for 4 stops, until Plaza del Pilar-Murallas.

Walk for 250 metres, heading south-west along Av. de César Augusto towards C. de Abén Aire, and then turn left onto Calle Manifestación 24, to the best lockers in Zaragoza.

How to get from the centre of Zaragoza to Delicias Station

It’s time to leave the city. You pick up your luggage at our lockers in Zaragoza and you’re ready to head for Delicias Station… what’s the best way to get there?

As we said before, if what you want is speed, regardless of the cost, the best option is to take a taxi (you will be there in about 12-15 minutes depending on the traffic). On the other hand, we advise against going on foot, especially if you’re carrying a load, as you’ll arrive with your tongue hanging out.

Therefore, if you are going to take public transport, the bus option is the one with the least amount of walking:

LESS WALKING OPTION (about 35 minutes in total).

– Once you pick up your bags at Megalockers, activate Google Maps to Conde Aranda n¬ļ2 (in case you are cut off, remember to head northwest to Plaza del Justicia, take Av. C√©sar Augusto and turn right at the intersection with Conde Aranda).

– There, take bus no. 34 towards Delicias Station and stay on it for 12 stops, to get off at the station itself (departures).

Now that you know how to get to and from Delicias to the centre of Zaragoza, it only remains to wish you a pleasant stay in our wonderful city. And if you don’t know what to do in Zaragoza, here you have a fantastic planning of 2 hours, 5 hours and 1 day in Zaragoza.

Megalockers, and enjoy Zaragoza!