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Do I have to book in advance? ✍️2023-08-24T11:44:36+00:00

✅ Yes, booking is ONLY done online, you can NOT pay on the premises.
The bookings have to be done in advance and are valid from the moment at which they are done. You can do it at the same time you are planning your trip, some days or hours before, or at the door of the premises subject to availability.

It´s up to you! ☺

Do I have to book and pay online? 📲2023-08-24T11:44:40+00:00

You can do it at the website 💻 or if you need assistance, you can write us at our WhatsApp 📱👈🏼 .

The booking process will take only 1 minute and our website is totally adapted to smartphones and tablets.

What are the opening hours ⌚ for access to the premises?2023-08-24T11:45:11+00:00

If you wish to leave your luggage in a luggage room you have booked, the Megalockers premises is open continuously (by entering your booking code) from 👉🏼 07:00h to 22:00h 👈🏼.

If you wish to collect your luggage, you can enter the premises 👉🏼 24 hours a day 👈🏼 (also by entering your booking code to access the premises).

We are open every day of the week.

How can I acceed to the premises? 🚶🏼‍♂️ And to my locker?2023-08-24T11:47:16+00:00

You enter the premises by typing in the numerical code you received when you made your booking on the keypad at the entrance to the premises. This code is valid from the moment you start your booking.

While making your booking you will receive 📧 a QR code and a numerical code in your e-mail, you acced your locker by scanning this code at the QR code reader or by typing in the numerical code received on the touch screen.

It is safe? 🤔2023-08-24T11:44:50+00:00

Megalockers has strong security measures such as heavy-duty locks 🔒, reinforced doors 🔐 and 24h-hour surveillance system 🎥 to prevent theft and guarantee the security of the objects stored, in addition to an insurance policy.

Your belongings will be safe! 🤗

Megalockers Zaragoza


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