Megalockers and enjoy Zaragoza

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, with friends or with your family and children, here are a bunch of plans and places to visit so that your arrival in the city or your departure from it goes as smoothly as possible. Find out what to see and what to do in Zaragoza.

Store your luggage in our lockers in Zaragoza city center, and enjoy the city with total freedom and without any burden.

Discover all that Zaragoza has to offer…

… if you only have 2 hours in the city:

Megalockers is located in the historic center of Zaragoza, so that within walking distance we find a wide range of interesting places to visit, most of which respond to the vestiges and Roman past of the city, which is why the name of Zaragoza comes from the Roman toponym Caesaraugusta, in honour of the Emperor Caesar Augustus.

Well, in these 2 hours you will have time to enjoy the oldest part of the city, visit historical places, marvel at the best views of Zaragoza or relax and enjoy its main tapas-bar-area. What does Megalockers suggest you regarding what to do in Zaragoza?

First of all, if you haven’t visited it yet, you should go to Plaza del Pilar, the most famous spot in the whole city (less than 300 meters away from our luggage lockers), walk around it from side to side, enter the BasĂ­lica del Pilar and if you want to see Zaragoza from the top, you can do it by climbing the tower, set up for this purpose.

You can also visit the nearby beautiful Cathedral of the Saviour (better known as La Seo), and then head towards the Ebro bridges (we recommend walking across the oldest bridge in Zaragoza, the Stone Bridge, from which you can take the most iconic photo of the city, with the Basilica del Pilar in the background, a wonderful sight both by day and night).

As we have said, in this area of the city there are different types of historical sites, so here is a list so you can visit the ones you like the most in the historic center of Zaragoza. You can walk to all of them due to their proximity to each other and with respect to the location of our luggage lockers in Zaragoza. Our recommendations are: the Roman Walls, the Roman Theatre, the restored Central Market, squares such as San Bruno, Santa Marta, San Felipe, Plaza del Justicia, the Arco del Dean, or for the more “culture lovers”, places like the Goya Museum, the Roman Forum Museum or the curious Origami Museum (the only one of its kind in Europe).

And if you come with friends or your partner and what you want to do on this “landing” in the city or in the moments before your departure is to enjoy and relax with a drink, your best option is to go to the best tapas area in Zaragoza, known as “El Tubo”, just 600 meters from our luggage lockers, where you will be able to enjoy impressive tapas of all kinds, a vermouth and an area full of life. And if you have a sweet tooth (here we call them “lamineros”), this area is also home to some of the best churros and chocolate shops in Zaragoza.

… if you have 5 hours in the city:

In case you have a few more hours in Zaragoza, we have more plans for you. On the one hand, we still recommend you to visit the Pilar, the Ebro bridges and the historic center, but we also have other proposals for you that you will surely love.

You can continue walking towards the Plaza de España and the Paseo de la Independencia, the main shopping street in the center of Zaragoza, enter the extraordinary Basilica of Santa Engracia and its enigmatic crypt, or take a detour to the historic Puerta del Carmen (the only one still standing of the twelve that made up the defensive wall of Zaragoza and a bastion of Aragonese resistance during the Sieges of Zaragoza in the War of Independence against the French).

There are also other places, for which we recommend public transport as they are a little further away, that may be to your liking.

DonŽt miss to visit the Parque José Antonio Labordeta (known as Parque Grande), the largest park in the city, quiet and very beautiful, with spectacular views, a very complete botanical garden and playgrounds for children (including a train ride perfect for kids). To get there, simply take the tram, for example, from the Plaza del Pilar Murallas stop in the direction of Valdespartera and get off at the Emperador Carlos V stop.

If you are a soccer fan, you have the Romareda Stadium next door, home of Real Zaragoza, which you can also visit on foot from there.

Other options are:

Visit the AljaferĂ­a Palace (11th century Muslim palace and former residence of the Hudi kings), which is about 20 minutes walk from our luggage storage in Zaragoza or a bus route of about the same time.

Walk around the area of the Expo 2008 held in Zaragoza, a beautiful and quiet place next to the river with picturesque buildings and sculptures such as the Alma del Ebro. This can also be a great place for families with children as it has the Zaragoza Aquarium, which will delight the little ones. The distance from our luggage lockers is about 35 minutes walk or about half an hour by bus.

Another great place in Zaragoza to visit with children is the Fire and Firefighters Museum, located less than 10 minutes walk from the Megalockers bag storage. Children leave this place fascinated.

Finally, you have the option of getting on the tourist bus of Zaragoza, an hour and a half long tour that starts in Don Jaime street, very close to the location of our lockers, and with which you can visit the main places of the city comfortably.

… if you have 1 day in the city:

What to see in Zaragoza in a day? Apart from everything we have seen above, which is undoubtedly the most important and touristy part, there are other options to enjoy in many different areas, such as the following:

Visit Puerto Venecia, one of the largest open-air shopping centers in Europe. Here you can go shopping, eat, do different sports and leisure activities or simply relax and stroll around the complex. We recommend the bus option to get there as it is located on the outskirts of the city, so walking from the city center is a walk of almost an hour and a half.

Visit the factory of La Zaragozana (Cervezas Ámbar). For beer lovers, this is a great option. A short tour of the centenary brewery of Aragon’s most famous beer brand to learn about the brewing process, with a delicious tasting at the end. Advance booking is required. Depending on where you are located, it may be more convenient to walk or take a bus, as the brewery is located in the city center.

If you like culture, art or music, we recommend to check out the theatrical and musical performances at both the Auditorio de Zaragoza (located next to the Parque Grande) and the Teatro Principal (next to Plaza España, in downtown Zaragoza). Both places also stand out for their beauty and architecture.

And finally, a very special section for children and youngsters. If you are travelling to Zaragoza with your family and children, you can enjoy a morning or afternoon of fun at the Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza (amusement park), with a large number of leisure activities to have a great time. It is located in an elevated area of one of the boundaries of the Parque Grande, so unless you are close to it, we advise you to go by public transport. Multiple options about what to see in Zaragoza in one day.

Zaragoza is a city with a great appeal and has everything a tourist could wish for. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, as a family with children or with friends, leave your luggage in our lockers in Zaragoza city center and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Spain hands-free. Have you already decided what to see in Zaragoza? Megalockers, comfort and security for your wellbeing.

Megalockers and enjoy Zaragoza