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A young family arrives in Zaragoza by train from their place of origin to spend a quiet weekend in the city. It is very early and their accommodation is not yet ready for check-in, so they decide to make the most of the time in the historic center of the city while it is time to go in. However, carrying their suitcases with them is a problem and a burden that does not allow them to enjoy 100% of their first moments in the city.

On the other hand, a group of friends who have also come to Zaragoza for tourism, have to leave their hostel early as it is check-out day, however, their bus does not leave until late in the afternoon, so they have to carry their luggage until it is time to leave.

How can this type of situation be solved? The answer has just landed in Zaragoza with Megalockers.

Megalockers, smart luggage lockers in Zaragoza’s historic center

Located in Calle ManifestaciĆ³n 24, our smart luggage lockers space in the center of Zaragoza is the perfect solution for those tourists who only have a short period of time in the city (a few hours, a few days…) and want to enjoy those first, last or intermediate moments in the city unburdened, without having to drag heavy suitcases or carry bulky backpacks.

Megalockers has a perfect location as it is placed in the tourist center of the city, with the Plaza and Basilica del Pilar, the Ebro Bridges and all the heritage of the Roman past of Zaragoza less than five minutes walk. And if what the tourist wants is to relax or spend a lively time having a drink, these smart lockers are also located next to the “Tubo”, the main tapas area of Zaragoza. How about a last vermouth before leaving the city? Or a first welcome tapa forgetting about your luggage for a while?

Not only “suitable for touristsā€

Although it is true that the broadest target audience for smart luggage lockers are tourists, this business is also valid for the inhabitants of the city, in situations where you are loaded with bags or purchases (always non-perishable items), and you want to get rid of them for a certain time to meet with family, friends, attend work commitments… and go to pick them up once you’re done. There are many scenarios in which a smart locker located in such a central location can be the perfect solution to our needs.

An agile, simple and totally secure process

The booking process of a Megalockers smart locker is really easy. Simply, through the web, you choose the day, time, duration of the reservation and the size of the locker or lockers you want to book (depending on the size and quantity of your luggage). After making the reservation, the user receives a personal code by email that gives him/her access to the premises and to his/her reserved locker, since, for security reasons, access to the premises is only possible with a prior reservation.

In addition, the space is video monitored 24 hours a day and includes insurance in the reservation, to maximize your safety and peace of mind when leaving your belongings in our custody.

Whether you are visiting Zaragoza with your partner, as a family with children, in a group of friends or traveling alone, Megalockers is the point of reference for those specific moments when you have to carry your luggage for short periods of time, enjoying the city in a more comfortable, safe and pleasant way.

The idea

Through our smart locker solution, we have launched this new project with which we hope to respond to a growing market requirement that is already implemented in many other Spanish cities, so Zaragoza, currently the fourth largest city in Spain and one of the largest recipients of tourists in the country, could not be left behind.