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Zaragoza is a city with a great running culture. Both at professional and amateur level, the runner fever is very present in the capital of Aragon, and that makes throughout the year popular running events of different distances that bring together hundreds of runners eager to “fly” on the asphalt of the city.

The most important running events in Zaragoza

Among all the running events in Zaragoza, there are two that stand out above the rest, such as the Marathon and the Half Marathon. Two fantastic events that run through the center and some of the most emblematic places of Zaragoza, with an incredible popular animation along the entire route and a festive atmosphere that you can feel just by stepping on the street.

Whether you are from Zaragoza or from outside and you are looking for a nice and lively route to run, you are facing one of the best alternatives in Spain. Specifically, the dates set for these two races in 2024 are:

Zaragoza Half Marathon: Sunday, March 17.

Zaragoza Marathon: Sunday April 14

Where do I leave my things before the race?

This is the typical question that every runner asks himself or herself before a run, the everlasting problem to be solved before leaving home.

The jacket or sweatshirt, the wallet, the cell phone … all of them are elements without which we can not leave home, but with which we can not run in the best way. In addition, not many races have a place for runners to leave their belongings, or if they do, it is very limited and you need “luck” to find an empty space. But don’t worry, here is Megalockers to solve your problem.

Megalockers, your perfect pre-run storage

Both the Marathon and the Half Marathon are two important running events in Zaragoza that start and finish near Plaza del Pilar (or in the Plaza itself). When you are arriving there to start the race, our recommendation is that you leave your belongings in our lugagge storage in Zaragoza in ManifestaciĆ³n street, less than 200 meters from the Plaza itself (literally, really close by), so that you can get rid of any burden just before you start running and you can give the best of you without extra things that will weigh you down during the race.

An accessible and totally safe place (access is by reservation only and is video monitored), to leave your things before the race. Moreover, as the entrance is done through a simple 6-digit code, you can memorize it (or write it down on a small piece of paper), so you can even leave your cell phone in our smart lockers while you run, since you do not need any device or key to enter, just remember the personal code and you can enter the place and open your luggage locker in Zaragoza. More freedom impossible!

Make your reservation in advance to avoid being left without a locker. You can choose both the duration of your reservation and the size of the locker you wish to reserve. Et voilĆ !

We hope you enjoy a wonderful run and achieve your goal. Running is life.