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In Zaragoza, we call “laminero” to a person who really loves sweets, to that person for whom sharing a dessert is little less than a sacrilege and an offense.

Well, here are the 10 most traditional sweets from Zaragoza that you must try (well, maybe it’s too much, you can choose your favorite), if you are visiting the city or as a gift for a friend or relative before leaving Zaragoza. Surely you will not fail.

10 traditional sweets from Zaragoza to sweeten your visit to the city

Zaragoza has a great tradition in terms of sweets and desserts, so we have typical sweets that can be consumed throughout the year and others that are only made on special dates. Let’s go with them!

🍬Traditional sweets from Zaragoza to eat all year round

1. Adoquines

“Adoquines del Pilar” are the most typical sweets of Zaragoza. It is possibly the most famous and representative candy of the city. They are candies of different sizes and flavors (orange, strawberry, lemon…) with the image of the Virgin of Pilar in its wrapper and Aragonese jotas written inside. A tip: Adoquines are sweets to suck until they fall apart in your mouth, it is better not to try to bite them… for the sake of your teeth. That said, they are delicious.

2. Frutas de Aragón

The so-called “fruits of Aragon” are another of the most traditional sweets of Zaragoza. They can be sold individually or in the classic baskets with fruits of Aragon. They are small pieces of candied or frosted fruits, sometimes with liquor, dipped in dark chocolate, with a characteristic wrapping of colored cellophane paper. Some people love them, others not so much. What is clear is that they leave no one indifferent. Do you dare to try them?

3. Tortas de alma

The “tortas de alma” (also known as “bollos de alma”), are another typical dessert of Zaragoza that can be eaten throughout the year. They are pasties coated with sugar and filled with quince jam or pumpkin jam. They can also have orange or lemon zest and cinnamon. A light dessert to eat at any time.

4. Trenza de Almudévar

Although its origin is in the town of Almudévar, we add it to the list of traditional sweets of Zaragoza as it is one of the most consumed desserts in the city throughout the year. It is an elongated bun in the shape of a puff pastry with butter, special yolk, walnuts, almonds and raisins, and covered with a layer of powdered sugar to give it the final touch. Its origin dates back to the 80’s, in the bakery of the Tolosana family. A truly delicious dessert.

5. Churros with chocolate

While it is true that churros with chocolate can be taken in many Spanish cities, not all of them taste the same. Zaragoza has some of the best chocolate shops in the country, where having some good churros with chocolate is a pleasure that you can not miss. Especially if you visit Zaragoza at a time when it’s getting cooler, make a stop at one of the chocolate shops in the center of the city (if you need to, you can leave your luggage in our lockers in Zaragoza downtown), and enjoy it with total freedom.

🍰Traditional sweets from Zaragoza on specific dates

1. Roscón de San Valero (January 29th)

San Valero is the patron saint of Zaragoza, whose feast day is celebrated on January 29th. To sweeten body and spirit in his honor, that day in Zaragoza we take the famous “Roscón de San Valero” (a circular bun with a hole in the middle, made with sweet dough that may or may not be filled with cream, and candied fruit on top). It can be purchased at any bakery during that day, but if you visit Zaragoza on that date, we recommend you to go to the Plaza del Pilar, where a gigantic roscón accompanied by a cup of chocolate is handed out for free, as it is usually quite cold on those dates.

2. Cincomarzada puff pastry (March 5th)

The Cincomarzada commemorates the triumph of the people of Zaragoza over the Carlist troops that tried to occupy the Aragonese capital on March 5, 1838. This victory of the people of Zaragoza over the Carlist army meant an explosion of joy and a vindication of the pride of belonging to our city. And nowadays, as good sweet lovers, we celebrate it with a puff pastry dessert filled with cream and in the shape of the number 5.

3. Lanzón of San Jorge (April 23th)

San Jorge (St. George) is the patron saint of Aragon, who according to legend freed the oppressed people of Silca by slaying the dragon that subjugated them with a large spear (“lanzón”) mounted on horseback. This is how he is represented, on the horse and with his spear, and of course, he also has his typical dessert, a delicious cake made with cream and nougat from Jijona, with a juicy sponge cake covered with egg yolk, decorated with the cross and the coat of arms of St. George in chocolate.

4. Mantle of Our Lady of the Pillar (October 12th)

The Virgen del Pilar is the most important sign of identity of Zaragoza. Her figure is located inside the impressive Basilica del Pilar, the most visited place by tourists visiting Zaragoza from all over the world and number 1 stop when it comes to what to do in Zaragoza. Its dessert, a sweet in the shape of a mantle made of puff pastry, cream and egg yolk, is a must for the families of Zaragoza during the Festivities of the city.

5. Guirlache (Christmas)

If you visit Zaragoza during the Christmas season, you have to try a delicious nougat typical of Zaragoza and Aragon as is the “guirlache” (its origin is very old as it dates from the time of the Crown of Aragon). It is a sweet in the form of a bar made with almonds, solidified caramel and aniseed balls. We are not lying when we say that it is dangerously addictive.

We hope that this list with the typical and traditional sweets of Zaragoza has not caused you a sugar rush, and we hope you are eager to try some of them. If you have doubts about where to buy them, we recommend that you take a walk around the historic center of the city, because there you will find them all. And if you need to store your luggage for some time, you can stop by Megalockers, our lockers in Zaragoza center (in Calle Manifestación 24), to enjoy them without carrying uncomfortable suitcases or shopping bags.

We wish you a happy stay in Zaragoza.