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Magnets, t-shirts, caps, pins… wherever you go, there is always a bunch of gifts (like the ones we just mentioned) that are present in every city. However, if you “dive” a little deeper into the culture and traditions of the place, you will find other types of items that are much more personal and characteristic of the place. So, in this article we are going to discover the best gifts and souvenirs of Zaragoza so that you do not settle for the simple fridge magnet or T-shirt with the image of the Basilica del Pilar. So, what are the most typical souvenirs of Zaragoza?

The best gifts and souvenirs of Zaragoza

Whether for yourself or as a gift for a loved one upon your return from your trip, with the following souvenirs from Zaragoza you are sure to succeed.

1. Ribbon of the Virgen del Pilar

This is probably the most popular gift of Zaragoza. There is no self-respecting citizen of Zaragoza who does not have a ribbon of the Pilar in his or her home. The same happens with tourists, who do not miss the opportunity to acquire a ribbon of the Virgin after their visit to the Basilica of the Pilar.

It is a small ribbon of 36.5 cms that emulates the real length of the Virgin inside the Basilica. It is available in different colors (blue, purple, pink, green, red, the colors of the flag of Aragon and also of Spain), and each ribbon costs 1ÔéČ.

They are very pretty and can be seen everywhere, commonly tied on backpacks and suitcases as a way of distinction (and protection for the most believers), when traveling. One of the most popular, beautiful and unique souvenirs of Zaragoza. You can buy them in a small store next to and belonging to the Basilica del Pilar, so don’t miss your ribbon!

2. Cachirulo

The cachirulo is a classic garment of the traditional Aragonese costume. It is a red and black checkered handkerchief that, according to tradition, is worn knotted on the head, although it does not cover it completely. However, nowadays its use is widespread and it is usually worn with everyday garments tied around the neck, on the wrist, hanging from the belt … especially in the festivities of the city, such as the Fiestas del Pilar. A nice souvenir of Zaragoza to take back with you from the city.

3. Adoquines

A good option for those with a sweet tooth. We introduce you to one of the typical sweets of Zaragoza. These are rectangular candies of different sizes and flavors with the image of the Virgen del Pilar on the wrapper and with Aragonese jotas written inside. As you can tell from their name, they are hard candies, so be careful when biting into them if you don’t want to have to visit your dentist when you return from your trip. But yes, they are very good. Undoubtedly one of the best souvenirs of Zaragoza for those with a sweet tooth.

4. Fruits of Aragon

A plan B for those with a sweet tooth. Apart from the Adoquines, there is also another very typical sweet of Zaragoza, the so-called Frutas de Arag├│n. They are small pieces of candied or frosted fruits, sometimes with liquor inside, dipped in dark chocolate and wrapped in cellophane paper of different colors. Some people love them and some people… “not so much”. Why not try them and decide which side you are on?

5. Figure of the Virgen del Pilar

As you may have noticed, in Zaragoza we are very attached to the Virgen del Pilar. Whether by devotion or by mere tradition and as the greatest symbol of our city, you can find it in many places, whether religious or not. In most souvenir stores in Zaragoza there is an area of souvenirs related to her, and one of the most beautiful is the statue or figure of the Virgin of the Pilar, available in many different sizes and materials. Some of them are really precious, small works of art that undoubtedly represent an original gift of Zaragoza with which to hit the mark.

6. The “paturros”

The following is one of the souvenirs of Zaragoza that is currently causing more furor and that both children and adults like.┬á These toys are none other than the famous yellow shower ducks personalized with motifs and characters related to Aragon. Its name comes from the mixture between the word duck and the word “baturro” (belonging to Aragon, formerly to the peasantry of our Community). They are very original and the main store is located in Don Jaime street, very close to Plaza del Pilar and our luggage storage in Zaragoza, in Manifestaci├│n street 24.

7. Real Zaragoza gifts

Finally, we have left a special section for the most football (soccer) fans. Real Zaragoza is one of the most historic and successful teams in Spanish football (although it is not currently at its best). Therefore, if you like football or you have a child or a football friend, you should definitely stop by the official Real Zaragoza store next to the Romareda stadium to buy some souvenirs of the team. From t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants for all ages to all kinds of merchandising and items for the home, office etc.. One of the most exciting souvenirs of Zaragoza.

From Megalockers we hope you have a wonderful stay in our city and take a little piece of it with any of the souvenirs of Zaragoza that we have just proposed.
And if you need to store your luggage or your purchases for a few hours, you can do it in our lockers in Zaragoza center. Enjoy with your hands free.