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Aragon is a region where you can eat well, very well. With internationally renowned foods such as ham from Teruel, peaches from Calanda or oil from Bajo Aragón, Aragonese cuisine enjoys a great variety where we can find absolutely delicious dishes. If you come to visit Zaragoza, you can’t miss them, you’ll lick your fingers!

The 7 typical dishes of the gastronomy of Aragon

Now, we want to make your mouth water with the best Aragonese dishes, typical food of our region that your palate has to try at least once in life:

1. Borrajas

Borrajas is the most characteristic vegetable of the gastronomy of Aragon. Although visually it has a thorny appearance, well washed and cleaned it is a real delicacy. After boiling them, they can be prepared to be eaten alone, with potatoes or with some other variation such as borrajas with clams, a typical dish of Aragon.

2. Ternasco de Aragon

Ternasco de Aragon is one of the greatest culinary icons of our region. It is a denomination of origin of suckling lamb of the native Aragonese breed. Its meat is tender, juicy and mild in flavor but very tasty. Whether served on a plate or in a good sandwich (do not leave Aragon without eating a ternasco sandwich), it is one of the top foods of Aragonese cuisine.

3. Migas

Although they are eaten in different regions, migas aragonesas are undoubtedly one of the best versions you can find. Its ingredients include pieces of bread, garlic, onion, sausage, chorizo or chistorra sausage, fried eggs and grapes. Just wow. For this typical Aragonese dish, a light breakfast will be the best option.

4. Cardo

Another typical vegetable from Aragon. A dish prepared all year round, but which reaches its peak at Christmas, when its consumption soars due to traditions. The most common way to prepare it is with a delicious almond sauce that makes it a simple, light, healthy and tasty dish.

5. Longaniza de Graus

Longaniza de Graus is a typical product of the town of Graus, in the province of Huesca. It is made mainly with pork, paprika, garlic and salt, and has an intense flavor and a very juicy texture. It is used for numerous dishes in the gastronomy of Aragon, but undoubtedly one of the most recommended options is in the form of a sandwich. A good Graus sausage sandwich made on embers is “bocato di cardinale”.

6. Rancho aragonés

With the culinary term “rancho” we refer to certain stews that can be seen in various parts of Spain and the world. Specifically, the Aragonese rancho consists of ingredients such as: pork ribs, sausage or chorizo, onion, bell pepper, tomato, potatoes, bay leaf or parsley and rice. With all this, a delicious broth is prepared (this is the key to the rancho’s success) in which the meat and other ingredients are fried.

7. The sweets and desserts of Aragon

In Aragon, we are really good at confectionery. We have sweets and desserts of all kinds, some of international fame, such as the Pastel Ruso or the Trenza de Almudévar, as well as others such as the adoquines (the typical sweets from Zaragoza), the fruits of Aragon, the tortas de alma

Enjoy Aragonese food without burdens

If you have arrived in the capital of Zaragoza and your stomach is already “rumbling”, the best thing you can do is to leave your bags in our luggage storage in Zaragoza and look for a place where you can enjoy some of these typical dishes of Aragonese gastronomy, your palate will surely thank us!