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If you are reading this article is because you are going to visit Zaragoza soon (or maybe you are already in the city), and you want to know how to get from one place to another in the best possible way. You have come to the right place. Leave your bags in the luggage lockers of Megalockers and choose the best option among the alternatives of how to get around Zaragoza that we propose below.

The 5 best ways to get around Zaragoza

Different ways to move around the city according to your preferences, your time available and your budget.

1. On foot

Although Zaragoza is currently the fourth most populated city in Spain and one of the largest in extension, it is still far from macro cities like Madrid or Barcelona, so, depending on the area where you are going to move, you will not need to take any kind of transport.

If we take as a reference our space of lockers in Zaragoza (located in the historic center of the city), the distances to some of the most important tourist attractions of the city are as follows:

– To the Plaza and Basilica del Pilar: 2 minutes walking distance.

– To the tapas area of El Tubo: 4 minutes walking distance.

– To the bridges of the Ebro: 5 minutes walk

– To the Roman Theater: 5 minutes walking

– To Plaza de EspaƱa: 6 minutes on foot

– To the AljaferĆ­a Palace: 20 minutes walking distance.

Of course, if you arrive at Delicias Station, it is best to take a bus (lines 34 or C1 to the center) or a cab, as the city center is about a 40-minute walk away.

2. By tram

Since 2011, Zaragoza has had a tram line that crosses the city from north to south, making a total of 25 stops for an overall time of 40 minutes from end to end. During the route, it makes numerous stops throughout the center and historic center of the city, making it one of the fastest and most economical ways to get around Zaragoza.

If you are in our local Megalockers, the nearest tram stop is just 3 minutes away on foot, specifically Plaza del Pilar-Murallas stop.

3. By bus

The bus is another alternative to move around Zaragoza. Currently, the city has more than 30 day lines and 7 night lines, operating during 21h on weekdays and 24h on weekends.

Their routes are very diverse and you can go anywhere in the city with them. For example, in this article we tell you how to go from the station delicias to the center of Zaragoza (and vice versa), by bus.

4. By bike

Zaragoza has a public bicycle service called Bizi Zaragoza that has more than 100 stations distributed throughout the city so you can pick up and drop off your bike. Through the Bizi Zaragoza website you can choose your type of subscription. In case you come for tourism, the best option will be the temporary subscription which is valid for 72 hours.

A fun, healthy and sustainable way of getting around Zaragoza.

5. By taxi

It is not the cheapest option, although in many occasions it is the fastest. If what you need is a displacement as agile as possible because you are rushed for time, do not worry, in Zaragoza there is a large network of cabs that you can access without problems.

Currently there are also companies like Uber or Cabify in the city (although we recommend you to check them before coming, just in case), in case you prefer this option rather than the traditional taxi.

As you have seen, Zaragoza is a city with a good mobility where you have several options to move around it. But it is best to do it without luggage, so keep your bags in our luggage lockers space in Zaragoza and move free by the beautiful capital of the Ebro river!