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It is not a trend, but a way of life that is gaining more and more followers. Whether for conviction and respect for the environment, for health or for any other reason, the reality is that more and more people opt for a vegan diet in their daily diet.

In Megalockers we are always at the service of tourists and we want you to feel at ease during your visit to Zaragoza, so we have prepared this article where we bring you the 7 best vegan restaurants in Zaragoza, so you can eat as you wish.

First of all, we know that a vegan diet is not the same as a vegetarian one, so in the following restaurants you will be able to find dishes from both options. Enjoy your meal!

Green pleasures: The 7 best vegan restaurants in Zaragoza

Ready for our selection of the best vegan restaurants in Zaragoza? Leave your luggage in our locker space in Zaragoza and enjoy a more than delicious meal without any burdens.

1. La Piparra 

Calle Predicadores, 39. (5 minutes walk from Megalockers)

We start the list with the vegan restaurant La Piparra, in the historic center of the city. This place has homemade food with vegetable ingredients including sandwiches, salads, toasts and portions, all of 100% vegetable origin. Special mention should be made of their fabulous chocolate cake with cookie cream, simply spectacular!

2. Syriana

Calle Mayor, 43. (6 minutes walk from Megalockers)

A great option for vegan food lovers in Zaragoza. With a fantastic decoration that will immerse you in the Arab culture and exquisite vegetarian dishes, as well as their traditional falafels, hummus and other Syrian delicacies.

3. A Flama

Calle Mayor, 53. (7 minutes walk from Megalockers)

We remain in the city center and very close to our luggage lockers in Zaragoza. A Flama is a vegan restaurant created by a group of young entrepreneurs and has an extensive menu where you can find burgers, sandwiches, potatoes, salads, pizzas, pastas and many more options. Their specialties are the crepes, made with products of Aragonese gastronomy, natural and fresh. They also have a wide range of natural juices and smoothies. A delicious option to eat healthy and wholesome in Zaragoza.

4. Birosta

Calle de la Universidad 3. (10 minutes walk from Megalockers)

Located in the neighborhood of La Magdalena, the Birosta is a vegetarian restaurant in Zaragoza with a friendly and close treatment to its customers and with homemade and organic food for vegetarian and vegan diners. Their great teas, infusions and juices deserve a special mention.

Its dining room is often decorated with temporary exhibitions of local artists, and has a library dedicated to Frida Kahlo, with books donated by various collaborators. Art and vegan pleasure in one place.

5. La Retama

Calle de la Reconquista, 4. (12 minutes walk from Megalockers)

This vegan restaurant in Zaragoza began its activity in 1989 (being a pioneer in the city), and is an ideal place to enjoy vegan food with tranquility. Its dishes are all colorful and it has multiple options of vegan dishes and natural juices of different flavors: fruits, carrot, beet, celery…

6. La Olla Vegetal

Calle de Sta. Teresa de Jesús, 9. (28 minutes walk from Megalockers)

We moved slightly away from Megalockers to La Olla Vegetal, a vegan restaurant in Zaragoza near the university area of the city. Its model is based on self-service, highlighting among its dishes the two pumpkin pie with fresh cheese, the vegetable burgers or the raspberry yogurt mousse. Is your mouth watering yet?

7. Baobab

Calle del Arzobispo Apaolaza, 10.  (30 minutes walk from Megalockers)

Also in the university district is our last vegan restaurant in Zaragoza, the Baobab restaurant. It is perhaps the best known in the city and a national reference. Its motto is “vegetarian cuisine without dogmas or complexes”, and among its dishes you can find delicacies such as mushroom cannelloni, vegan foie gras, coconut rice pudding or chocolate brownie.

Whether your diet is based on vegetarian/vegan food, or if you want to get into this delicious universe and try new things, in Zaragoza you will find the best restaurants to give free rein to your “veggie vibes”.

Leave your luggage at Megalockers and enjoy your favorite food.